June Meeting AGM and GYKO 06-06-2017


A friendly reminder that the AGM will run at the June meeting being held at Amber craft beer.  See the Calendar Of Events for time and location.

We are also running the get your kit off competition (GYKO), a reminder of the rules below.  You still have enough time to make a sneaky Weizen or mild or something completely wild.  Look forward to seeing you all there to vote in the next committee and taste all of the great GYKO entries.


A reminder of the rules:

  • Must use a can of pre-hopped Malt extract in its entirety (aka a Coopers 1.7kilo can)
  • Can use any yeast, feel free to throw the supplied foil packet into the bin!
  • No 3 kilo cans, still no exceptions to this, only to keep your brew day interesting
  • two-can batches are now allowed. Only because the IBU are significantly different to a 3KG tin and can be slightly harder to work with.
  • OG is open. No limits this year
  • IBU is open. No limits this year
  • other fermentables a can be whatever you choose. E.g. Apples, cider kit, LME, DME, full mash, grain steep, sour mash, sweet potato, cornflakes, bread, vegetable scraps WHATEVER WORKS!

NO MORE RULES. Feel free to be as whacky as you wish or as boring as a mild made with a brown ale tin thinned out to 1.035OG with tin supplied yeast.