Club Library


The club owns the following books, which can be borrowed by members.  If you decide to purchase the book using the below link, the club will receive a small commission that will help us maintain and extend the library.

  • How to Brew, by John Palmer (2 Copies)
    • The must have reference for new members
  • Yeast, by Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff
  • Brew Your Own Beer (A Practical Guide), by John Cook’s (1975)
  • Basic Brewing DVD – Stepping Into All Grain
  • Basic Brewing DVD – Into to Extract Home Brewing
  • Bock, by Darryl Richman
  • Stout, by Michael J Lewis
  • For the Love of Hops: The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness & the Culture of Hops, by Stan Hieronymus
  • A Textbook of BREWING, Jean De Clerck, Volume I & II, from the Siebel Institute of Technology
  • Cider, By Campaign For Real Ale


– Last updated: 18-Jun-2017



The club owns the following equipment, which can be borrowed by members.

  • Better Bottle
  • 4 tap wunderbar
  • Grainfather
  • Cider apple mill


 Rules of Use

  • Books can be borrowed for one month at club meetings. Each book requires a $5 deposit, which is returned if the book is returned at the following meeting in good condition, otherwise it’s considered a contribution to the library as a late fee.
  • The equipment is available for a $50 deposit, returned in full when the resource is returned in a clean condition.

If there is a book or piece of equipment that you would particularly like to see in the library, please email your suggestions to the committee or the contacts us page