Monster Brew Day 28-05-2017

Our annual monster brew day is coming up on the 28th of May. The monster brew day is a chance for members to bring their kit along and knock out a brew for the annual dinner.

We plan to kick off at 8am on the 28th of May at Pete's warehouse. A BBQ will be provided at lunchtime.

You'll need to bring all the kit you need to brew, including recipe and ingredients.

Come along even if you don't want to brew. It's a great day to see how people brew, learn to brew, or just laugh at how ghetto some systems can be and still make beer!

If you can't make the monster brew day you can still brew a beer for the annual dinner. It doesn't even have to be beer. Make a cider or beer if that what tickles you.

Either way, if you want to brew for the dinner please let me know so I can co-ordinate beer styles. It would be awesome if we could add another beer or two to the list.

The following are the current annual dinner beers so far:
1, Duck & Ed, Steinbrew Old Ale
2, Andy & Linton, Steinbrew Strong Scotch Ale
3, Ian Tomlin, Cider Day Cider
4, Tom Cooper, Funky American Pale Ale
5, Roger Cheesman, TBA
6, Ian Tomlin, German Scharzbier
7, Paul McMurray, IPA
8, Ed, Enigma Aussie Pils
9, John Keske, Munich Dunkel
10, Braden Jackman, English IPA, barleywine or ESB
11, Michael Hewes, American Lager Smash
12, Duck, English Summer Ale
The annual dinner will be on 12th of August. If you submit a beer for the annual dinner your annual dinner ticket is FREE!!!